How To Play

Kevin Toms Football is a game that lets you play the role of Manager/Coach of a professional Football club.

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to be as successful as possible by progressing up the leagues and winning cups.  You can play as much as you like and build up a history for your team.

Getting started

The following will give you the basics to get you started enjoying Kevin Toms Football

Kicking off

From the opening screen start a new game and wait for it to build then continue to the Agenda screen. You can explore that screen or go straight to Play Next Match. You’ll see a description of the match and who you are playing against. Continue to the Team Selection Screen.

Team Selection Screen


Team selection screen has many components but the basics you need to know are these points.

  • You can see all of the players in your squad on the team selection screen plus the opponents players for the match
  • The players shown on the marked pitch are playing in the match. There is also a group of substitutes and reserves
  • To swap players between substitutes, reserves, and playing, tap the two players and they will swap
  • To reposition player on the pitch drag them around.  They will drop into zones for example defence, midfield, or attack.

Player Attributes


Example: M7  = This is a midfield player with a talent rating of 7 out of a maximum 9

Injuries. If a player has attributes (M7 etc) shown in white, he is fit, yellow means minor injuries, orange means major injuries. The more serious the injuries, the more it will affect the performance of the player in the match. Try to avoid playing players with attributes that show as orange!

Players have their natural playing positions.  G, goalkeepers. D, defenders. M, midfielders. A,  attackers. Some players can play in multiple positions for example midfield attacker, MA. Players playing out of position for example an attacker playing defence will play less well.

Players have a talent rating from 1 to 9.  Rating 9 players are the most talented and rating 1 the least talented.  The most talented players will play best in the match.

Players can have major and minor injuries. One – indicates a minor injury,  two – signs (–) indicates major injury.   Players can play with injuries but as the injury gets worse so will their quality of play. The only way to heal injuries is to rest your players, either as subs or even better as reserves. Players injuries happen or get worse when they play in a match.

Playing the Match

Press the football tab to see the match screen.


The match screen is the coach’s tactics and action view of the match. The match plays in a birds eye view, allowing you as coach to see what happens in the game while also seeing the attributes of the players taking part and your tactics playing out.

The teams will play in the formation set on the team selection screen. Performance of the players is affected by their talent rating, whether they are playing in position, if they have  major or minor injuries, and the impact of teammates and opponents playing close to them (marking and support play).



The strategy screen shows you the strengths of various attributes of the two teams. You also have the option of setting your style of play using the defensive-attacking slider. More attacking play is likely to increase the attacks you have, but open you to more attacks from your opponent, therefore more goals. Defensive play equally is likely to lead to less goals from both sides. Your opponents will have their own strategy and that affects what happens too. You can alter this strategy during the match.


In the league competition there are four divisions and you start in the lowest. There is also a knockout cup competition


You can customize the game by changing the team names, player names, and competition names. To find this click on My Records on the Agenda screen.

Note: to change your own team name, find the name in the team names list and customize it.


It is a simple game to learn to play, but there is plenty of subtlety and intelligence in the play to maintain the enjoyment long term, as you develop refined strategies and tactics.

Have fun!! Kevin Toms