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Kevin Toms Football (new name) – the new Football Manager style game by the man who created the first number 1 Football Manager game. –Kevin Toms

A few notes from the Kevin Toms Football Instructions:

Player performance in a match

The performance of players in a match is affected by the following factors:

Talent rating

This is shown wherever the player is displayed, for example on the Pick Team and The Match screen. It is a rating from 1 to 9 with 9 being the best possible.

Playing in position

If players are playing in their natural position they will be at full strength. If they play away from their natural positions they will perform less well

Who they are marking and who is marking them

When you position your players on the Pick Team screen, by dragging them around or swapping them with your reserves and substitutes, you will see that you are positioning them close to opponents players. Players that are positioned close to each other will affect each other’s performance during the match. The talents of the individual players will affect how well they do this.

Knocks and injuries

How badly a player is injured is shown by the number of minus signs in the player information label. The more often the player plays with injuries, the worse his injuries will become and the lower his performance will be. Rest players from playing to help them to recover from injuries by putting them into reserves or leaving them out of the match as substitutes.

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